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If you want to learn to write Python code or how to start programming in Rust then check out some of these videos covering projects and theory with new videos each week.

Demonstration of tuples and named tuples in Python and how to convert them to a dictionary.
How to set up EBAY OAUTH to be able to use Python with with an EBAY API
FreeCAD has a utilty called “freecadcmd” which you can still use even with the new app image format that is popular with FreeCAD 0.20
How to convert a PDF to a WORD DOCX file uing Python code
How to use Pandas (Python) and Plotly Express to analyse and visualize your analytics data from YouTube in 2022.

Would you like to know more about Rust and start learning a compiled language?

Check out my series of Rust programming language videos on YouTube, the code to each video will be added to each article on this site.

Rust Programming Tutorial Videos on YouTube