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Python API – POST Requests

Many API endpoints require use of the POST method.

Here we look at how you can use Python and Requests to work with an API. Example code and a real world example connecting to the EBAY API.

Endpoint – The URL that delineates what data you are interacting with.

Method – Specifies how you’re interacting with the resource located at the provided endpoint. REST APIs can provide methods to enable full Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) functionality. Here are common methods most REST APIs provide:

GET – Retrieve data

PUT – Replace data

POST – Create data

DELETE – Delete data

Data – If you’re using a method that involves changing data in a REST API, you’ll need to include a data payload with the request that includes all data that will be created or modified.

Headers contain any metadata that needs to be included with the request, such as authentication tokens, the content type that should be returned, and any caching policies.

Authenticate to a REST API

The most common framework for API authentication is OAuth. acts as an equivalent to a username/password combination;

Once you have an access token, you can provide it as a bearer token in the request header: this is the most secure way to authenticate to a REST API with an access token:

my_headers = {‘Authorization’ : ‘Bearer {access_token}’} response = requests.get(‘’, headers=my_headers)

API Response

response.content() # Return the raw bytes of the data payload response.text() # Return a string representation of the data payload response.json() # This method is convenient when the API returns JSON

– examples –

ebay api Python Code

EBAY API – Python Code

If you have been looking for EBAY API – Python code then this article can help.

Rather than use web scraping techniques you can access live EBAY listings via the API with an SDK for Python.

Register for a free API key to make 5000 calls per day

Time to read this article about EBAY API – Python Code : 5 mins

TLDR; Watch the ebay api python video on YouTube.

An API is like a bridge between your program and the site you want to get data from – it is already structured, unlike when you are web scraping.


Firstly install the SDK with pip

  • Installing the SDK :

pip install ebaysdk

Add the imports in your code:

from ebaysdk.exception import ConnectionError
from ebaysdk.finding import Connection

Using the EBAY API with Python

Provided you have registered for your own API key with EBAY you are good to go.

Using the production site will give you access to real listings, or alternatively experiment in the sandbox version.

When you create an api object with the connection details it will return a response object:

We have used ‘st’ a variable as our keyword search term, but you can use a string directly.

With the response object you now have all of the data you need.

Access it with response.reply.searchResult.item


Don’t use Selenium or Scrapy to access live data – there is no need.

The EBAY API documentation does not always cover Python, so we have shown a useful example which will get you started.

We’ve looked a t how to use findItemsByKeywords you can also find by category or use a combination of the two.

Register for an API key, read the docs, and watch the tutorial on how to use the EBAY API with Python

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