Web Scraping & Automation

Do you need to collect unstructured data and convert it into meaningful information?

UK based, we create software solutions for all sectors and specialize in web scraping and automation.


Web Scraping

Web scraping is a powerful way to extract publicly available typically unstructured data and organize it into a structured format as useful information – gaining insights that your competitors won’t have.


We can work on sites displaying product listings, real estate information, extracting any data that is on a web page.

Web scraping in action
Code to visualize data scraped to an SQL database

As well as getting the data we can also present it in a more human friendly format.

Analysis of price changes of ‘web scraping’ books on Amazon over time.


We have a wealth of experience using software in small and medium sized businesses, reverse engineering legacy proprietary software and creating bespoke solutions, producing better outcomes than poorly thought out generic ‘turnkey’ solutions.

We’ll always listen to your requirements, review them, and get out a pencil and paper before ever writing any code. Not what you may see on the slick adverts, but we know it works.


Please get in touch and we’ll be delighted to hear from you

We recommend scraperapi :


Beware of anybody who calls it ‘web scrapping‘ !