Web Scraping & Automation

Extracting data from the World Wide Web and organizing into usable information

UK based, with a wealth of expertise we create software solutions for all sectors and specialize in web scraping and automation.

Web scraping :

Web scraping is a powerful way to extract publicly available unstructured data and organize into a structured format as useful information.

We have a team of coders who can work on sites displaying product listings, real estate information and much more.

web-scraping unstructured data
Web Scraping publicly available data to provide useful information in a structured format

Integrating with a Google API :

Another recent project was a YouTube Video Channel Image and Description downloader – Using the API it allows saving of all thumbnails, and also saves the titles and descriptions to a json file.  It makes use of pytube – an excellent lightweight library written in Python.  When appropriate we make use of code that already exists, we don’t reinvent the wheel.

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader : Python Code – Available on the Red And Green GitHub Page – We have also added a description upload program that enables a bulk update of all video descriptions on a channel.

We’ll be adding videos to YouTube and posting issues/problems in the blog .

Retrieving thumbnail images of all videos in a channel on YouTube using Python code and the Google (YouTube) API

Creating multiple word documents using data from a csv :

Creating Word documents dynamically, with graphs, and images, using CSV data and our Python code

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We have a wealth of experience using software in small and medium sized businesses, reverse engineering legacy proprietary software and creating bespoke solutions, producing better outcomes than poorly thought out ‘turnkey’ solutions.

We’ll always listen to your requirements, review them, and get out a pencil and paper before ever writing any code. Not what you may see on the slick adverts, but we know it works.


Please get in touch and we’ll be delighted to hear from you