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Converting data into useful information

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Automation software can be applied to almost all areas of a business.

We have a wealth of experience using software in small and medium sized businesses.

If you would like to find out about network automation and how to automate your network then please get in touch.

We also specialize in automating the creation of word documents as seen in the video below!

Generating Word Documents with Python Automatically : using a template (read the variables from a CSV)

See how we automate potentially repetitive tasks

Data Extraction

Sometimes you may also see it called “Web scraping” is a powerful way to extract publicly available typically unstructured data and organize it into a structured format as useful information.

We can perform this as a service so that you can gain insights that your competitors won’t have without requiring in-house coders.

In addition, we can automate the clean up of the new data and updates your existing data.


If it appears on the page then we can extract it.*


We can format the output data to suit your requirements to enable it to be merged with your existing data.

“Web Scraping” Amazon for books about “Web Scraping”

We can work on sites displaying product listings, real estate information, to extract any data that you see on a web page.

We use well proven frameworks combined with efficient bespoke code to give optimal results.

“Date Extraction” in action
Code to visualize data scraped to an SQL database

Integration with existing software

We can reverse engineer legacy proprietary software and create bespoke solutions.

Our software produces better outcomes than poorly thought out generic ‘turnkey’ solutions.

We can also automate data entry tasks as well, including databases.

We can also extract text from videos, read here how to use Python and Tesseract to extact text in a video and how to get transcripts from YouTube videos

*we don’t scrape secure sites than require authorization


Please get in touch and we’ll be delighted to hear from you, we will respond with a tailored response and consult with you based on your individual requirements, business needs and existing infrastructure.

We recommend scraperapi :


Beware of anybody who calls it ‘web scrapping‘ !

Also take a look at our 3D modelling page, with examples of how to use Python code to create 3D models