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Math puzzles

March 2020


March 2020

Automating creation of multiple Word documents from one CSV

February 2020

Beautiful Soup is a Python library for pulling data out of HTML and XML files

Web scraping with Beautiful Soup

Feb 2020

Automating repetitive tasks….

”If you make something idiot proof they’ll make a better idiot!”

Do you recognize the folly of humans doing repetitive tasks and always bemused by the JFDI attitude of senior managers in business?

You may wish to ponder these phrases whilst getting ready to write some code to do the task properly!

“Stuck on Stupid”

“It’s like playing chess with a Pigeon”

““Everyone has a right to be stupid; some people just abuse the privilege.”

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Useful Links:

Maksim Korzh on YouTube

Some great webscraping tutorials, bs4 and Scrapy in particular