Network Automation

Automating Network Device Configuration and Management

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Network Automation

Is not new, it has been possible with Python and Netmiko for several years. If you don’t have the latest IOS you will not be able to use the newer API features with Cisco products, but you will be able to configure and deploy devices much more easily, quickly, and accurately than you would manually.

Create multiple router configs from one template file using Python

View the Python Jinja tutorial video

Automating configs for Cisco devices using Python

Can be simplified using “Jinja” – get in touch if you would like to find out more or request a consultation.

Automation deployment, upgrades, management

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Python code to collect interface ip address information from Linux hosts
Introduction to Python and Jinja
Using Python and Jinja to prepare Cisco Router config

Next we’ll also show how you can use “Yaml” files to provide the config for our Python Jinja code instead of CSV or text files.

Python Jinja2 Template Tutorial using YAML | Network Automation

You can test some of your changes using Cisco Packet Tracer 8

See how I change the subnet mask in this video